Kimberly Hinkel-Browning for Ky 47

Kimberly Hinkel-Browning for Ky 47
Candidate for Kentucky Representative 47



Kimberly Browning for Ky 47!

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Kimberly is not a politician but a social worker who has experience working with real families with real issues.  She knows the challenges and financial strain of being a single parent and the importance of programs like SNAP benefits.  One in five children in Kentucky are food insecure and according to Feeding America - Kentucky already ranks the eighth-highest rate of food insecurity in the nation.

With the rising costs of gas, utilities, rent and food, many families are barely making ends meet and with rising healthcare costs many Kentuckians can't even afford vital medication; this is especially true for our older adults who are living on fixed incomes.  Kimberly recognizes the rapid growth of our aging population who is leaving the workforce and our shrinking workpool and will work for policies that make Kentucky competitive with other states for economic growth and development. She supports legalizing sports betting to keep revenue money in Kentucky and is also a supporter of Labor Unions which ensure safer work environments, better wages and benefits for hard working families.

Kimberly is a disabled veteran who supports individual freedom and personal autonomy and is against government over-reach. She supports protecting our 2nd Amendment right but also recognizes the challenges we face today with increasing gun violence. She is an advocate for justice reform and recognizes that Kentucky will continue to rank near the bottom on so many health and social issues until we have politicians in office who will be willing to put aside their biases and political ideologies to work collectively and collaboratively with each other.  Kimberly will always put People Before Politics.




"Kim approaches discussions with an open mind and an eager curiosity for determining what is needed to ensure the best outcomes for the Commonwealth and the populations involved. In discussions with other participants she is patient and attentive in hearing their perspectives and treats each suggestion with respect."

- Donna Hillman

Former Director of Kentucky Division of Behavioral Health (MH/SUD)
Former Program Admin., Division of Substance Abuse- Frankfort, Ky
Former Public Health Advisor, SAMSHA




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